Don’t take my word for it… 

Shaun is one of those managers who always does everything possible for his team to get the job done, get the recognition they deserve, and most importantly, has a true desire to see his team grow and prosper. He has always been creative and supportive of special projects that our customers love and have allowed me to develop professionally. He is not afraid to make the hard decisions, but always makes sure he gets feedback from his “people in the trenches”. It has been my pleasure to have worked alongside him on many projects as he is amongst the first to roll up his sleeves and jump in whenever needed.
Not only does he look out for his team, but he also is quick to come up with new and innovative ideas to help the company succeed. Together, we helped grow our company from near scratch to a powerhouse in our industry.
People laugh at me when they hear me call him “Dad”, but we have a connection and I know he is proud that I consider him part of my own family.

Kevin Rankl

Senior Application Engineer - SolidCAM

I have known and worked with Shaun for as long as I can remember inside and outside CAMcad.
He is straight forward, loyal and puts his heart and soul into his work.
At CAMcad Technologies he created marketing plans, contacted customers, made sales and followed up with customers to ensure they were moving forward with the products they purchased.
He created value for our customers to ensure a long term relationships spanning decades.
Shaun has the skill skill and patience to manage any sales and marketing organization.

David Baity

Senior Software Engineer - SURFCAM product line - Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

Shaun and I worked very closely together for over a decade at SolidCAM.  Having started from very little, he built a sales and technical support team that is the best in the business. 

During this time, we were able to drive tremendous sales growth and capture a large share of our very competitive replacement market.

Always ready to roll up his sleeves, Shaun never fails to assist or step in whenever needed.  He leads through collaboration and makes sure to get the facts from the folks in the trenches as he plans.

Shaun has a very broad skillset that includes website content, customer success videos, webinars and presentations, tradeshow booth design and management, CRM data driven dashboards, and even customer issue resolution.

We will miss him.    

Steve Welch

National Sales Manager - SolidCAM

Shaun and I worked together for many years back in the early days of FARO. He was a key contributor in promoting portable measuring arms throughout a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, heavy equipment and many others. Not only was he a very successful sales professional, he was also a key contributor in growing the FARO direct sales staff through training and mentoring new team members. With his many years of experience in sales, marketing and leadership, he would be a great asset to organization looking to grow and pursue excellence.

Dan Perreault

Owner - Florida 3D Scanning

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Shaun since 2012. In the time that I have known him, Shaun has several times invited us to exhibit in the SolidCam booth as a preferred partner. Each time that we did exhibit, he was a gracious host and very professional in his dealings with us, his team at SolidCam, and his customers. Under his supervision, the exhibition booths at SolidCam were always first-class and Shaun was always a pleasure to deal with.

I would highly recommend Shaun both personally and professionally. He would be an asset to any organization.

Alan Weeks

Chief Operating Officer - Camtek Optisolutions (Partner)

Shaun Mymudes was our COO for the full 12 years I worked at SolidCAM, USA. He is very intelligent doesn’t micromanage and has been a pleasure to work with. Very hard working and willing to get his hands dirty. He will be an asset to any company. Anyone who knows him, knows his worth.

Darrin Bryant

Senior Sales Engineer - SolidCAM USA

Shaun is a detailed oriented manager who excels greatly in hiring, training, and developing talent. I feel very fortunate to have worked with and directly report to Shaun for the last 25 years at Faro Technologies, and most recently at SolidCAM, Inc. I attribute much of my successes early on and now to Shaun’s excellent coaching approach with his direct reports. Shaun is one of the most conscientious and capable leaders I have ever had the privilege of working for. Shaun has many talents, but one of his greatest assets is reading a situation, crafting a tailored solution and presenting it with ease. He has an innate ability to articulate clear and concise solutions for both customers as well as employees. Shaun takes a detailed and studied approach to business and consistently enjoys success. Shaun is a high performing, results driven professional. He is extremely intelligent, conducts himself with the utmost integrity and professionalism. Any company would be fortunate to have Shaun and I highly recommend him.

Daneen Leonard

Sales and Operations Manager - SolidCAM

Shaun is a highly energetic and innovative leader with a proven track record of growing sales and market share in highly competitive business environments. I worked closely with Shaun during his time at FARO Technologies, where he guided the FaroArm and then FARO Product Management and Marketing through its formative years when the company grew sales from $50M to $150M over a four-year period.

Chuck Pfeffer

Director - Strategic Alliances at FARO Technologies

Shaun and I collaborated on multiple projects during our time at FARO. What impressed me was that his focus was always on two principles:
Listen. So you can deliver what the Customer truly needs…not just what they think they need.
Communicate. Your team can’t deliver, if they don’t know the direction, path and goals.

David Feist

Senior Manager - Training Business at ANSI National Accreditation Board/ANAB

Around the middle of 2019, I got the green light from Schlumberger management to go to the market and find the best CAM technology that could integrate with our global CAD tool, Autodesk Inventor, and deliver the benefits that only an integrated CAD/CAM environment can to overcome the limitations of our existing standalone CAM systems.

After a deep investigation into Solidcam capabilities, it was time to invite Solidcam USA management for a workshop in Houston for an entire week and deep dive into the system’s strengths and weaknesses.

As the COO of Solidcam USA, Shaun was instrumental in preparing a team of five Solidcam employees to spend a week with Schlumberger’s SMEs from several parts of the globe to demonstrate their product capabilities and support expertise. It was a difficult job, but Solidcam USA performed well, and the relationship moved on.

After 3 years working together and redefining the possibilities within modern integrated CAM, I can say without a doubt that Shaun was instrumental in leading his team and facilitating the adoption of Solidcam software at Schlumberger on several levels, from commercial & financial aspects to the technical ones.

He made a difference in a critical moment, and we will be forever grateful for that.

Daniel Santos

Director of Special Projects for Manufacturing - Schlumberger International (Customer)

Shaun, I have always admired your direct approach to customers and partners, your communication and persuasive skills. I know you are a passionate fighter, with a big heart, you always worked unconditionally to the fullest. Thanks to you, I got to know the business in the US and I can better navigate here. I’ll miss you, my friend!

Ivan Cmar

Senior VP Partners - SolidCAM

Shaun and I worked together when I was the SOLIDWORKS Alliances Specialist at Dassault Systemes. As COO for the North American SolidCAM team, he was a strong, positive, and high-energy leader who is well-known and liked in the CAD/CAM Industry

Heather Hasz

Community & Account Manager - DriveWorks