With nearly 30 years of experience in the Manufacturing Industry, I have been fortunate to be a major part of companies that started out small and rapidly grew. In my last position as COO of SolidCAM in the US and Canada, we started out with 3 people and expanded the teams and revenue by over 9 times. I drove the building of teams, the infrastructure, product placement, branding, messaging, website, and promotional programs. By the time of my departure, SolidCAM is now recognized for its outstanding products, support and growth in the US and Canada markets.

My previous experience includes helping FARO Technologies grow into the industry standard for Metrology and 3d Scanning Products. I started out in sales and was top salesperson by my second year continuing for three years, setting records each year.

After my education in sales, I used my extensive customer knowledge to manage and develop FARO’s first corporate website. This included graphic and text design and creating almost all assets like feature/benefits, success stories and interactive support pieces.

When the website was completed, I joined the Senior Management Team as Global Product Manager, and was responsible for integrating products, teams, and company culture after FARO acquired several new product lines. During this period, I was responsible for the corporate re-branding of all new companies joining the group, operating a global budget, managed an international team of Product Managers, while also heading up the North American Marketing Department.

I’m now excited ready for my next great adventure with a company looking to expand in market dominance, revenue growth, product capabilities, reputation and customer satisfaction. <Experience>

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